The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this journey to become a better optician.  I’ve been an optician for 25 years and have been teaching people everything from fitting and measuring to edging and surfacing.    I hope that I can pass on to you some tips to improve your skills and confidence.  It’s also important for learning to have an open discussion, give your thoughts, hear other peoples thoughts and I’ll comment and add where it needs to be.  Together we can expand our knowledge and skills and make being an optician the art it needs to be to survive.  So, share the knowledge and be a part of the learning process.  I am going to try to be as brand neutral as I can, this page is about learning and not promoting any one brand.  Also because it is my personal policy to spend more time polishing my own brand than tarnishing others I will try to not speak poorly of any given brand.  Remember you are more than just a shoe salesman, you’re an optician and you can fix anything.  Let’s explore how.


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