Replace a figure 8 liner or T bar

figure 8Watch the Video

Replacing the figure 8 liner or T bar is something many opticians overlook because they are in too much of a hurry to properly repair a patients frame.  Or they don’t know it can be replace or how they can replace it.  If it’s not replaced when damaged it will continue to degrade until it is broken off completely.  A lens cannot stay in place without one so you will see your patient back for sure, and probably shortly as it doesn’t take long once it’s right off.  If it’s a small tear some people cut out the damaged piece and that hopefully prolongs the complete breakdown.   I’m all about doing things the right way, and the proper course of action when a figure 8 liner is damaged is to just replace the whole thing.  I hope this video helps you become confident in how to change the liner so you start repairing frames right instead of overlooking a potential issue.

Please comment on your thoughts, tips, and ideas.  It’s all a part of the learning process to have a community to discuss these techniques in.  Also in the bottom I have a follow me button so you can get emails when I update this page so you can come back and see other tips and tricks of being an outstanding optician.

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