Adjusting “X”ing

Capturexing is an adjustment that many of my new opticians have difficulty understanding.  Xing occurs when you have a differing amount of pantoscopic tilt on both eyes.  The lenses cross each other, thus, xing.  I always show how to adjust xing to my students and it takes them a few times to really get what it is I’m showing to them and where they should be looking.  In the video you will see that I’ve placed two markers on each lens so you can clearly see where you should be looking and what you should be lining up.

Be sure you are adjusting the frame at the bridge and not at the eyewire.  It can be difficult to distinguish the difference but with a sharp eye you can see where the bending is.  If you bend the eyewire instead of the bridge you can get warping in the lens as well as you don’t fix the issue of the xing.  Get your hands around the frame and your fingers close to the bridge and adjust the bridge while protecting the shape of the eyewire.

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