Cutting Temples

Cutting temples is a skill many opticians struggle with.  Even experienced opticians.  Some don't know how, some don't know when it's appropriate to cut, some opticians have no idea which temples you can cut and which are more difficult.  Some don't even know it's an option. For some patients cutting temples is absolutely the right... Continue Reading →

Sunglass lens colour selection

Many patients will choose a colour for their sunglass lens based on cosmetics, :what will look better in my frame?” I like to approach selection based on visual performance rather than on cosmetics. I tell the patient that once you are wearing the frame the lens just looks dark and people can't tell what colour... Continue Reading →

Adjusting “X”ing

xing is an adjustment that many of my new opticians have difficulty understanding.  Xing occurs when you have a differing amount of pantoscopic tilt on both eyes.  The lenses cross each other, thus, xing.  I always show how to adjust xing to my students and it takes them a few times to really get what... Continue Reading →

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